The attorneys at Crane & Norcross have years of experience navigating the everyday bureaucracy surrounding property tax law.

This deep institutional knowledge enables our property tax attorneys to obtain the greatest amount of savings and reduce tax liability, ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients, many of whom have been with C&N for decades.

Property Tax Abatements & Exemptions

Knowing the ins and outs of state and local property tax codes, our team of experienced and dedicated property tax attorneys is equipped to acquire clients’ applicable tax abatements and exemptions.

Local governments typically offer various incentives to developers and building owners/occupants to increase the creation or preservation of a development. Depending on the goals of the locality, these benefits can be structured differently but usually take one of two forms: abatements or exemptions.

As abatements are generally offered to encourage the construction or rehabilitation of buildings for a specified period, we are keenly aware of all options available for clients to help reduce the amount of taxes owed.

Additionally, whether a client is a long-time homeowner, person with a disability, veteran, senior-citizen or has another qualifying characteristic, we are prepared to find exemptions that provide the most cost savings, both in the short and long term.