As the industrial landscape and worldwide economy are ever-changing, Crane & Norcross knows the importance of keeping abreast of the near-constant legal and financial updates inherent to the property taxation system.

Whether a client seeks counsel regarding tax bills, valuations or the pursuit of a property tax appeal, C&N attorneys offer legal solutions aimed to shield clients’ bottom line and help them weigh both the immediate and potential impact of valuations and assessments.

With decades of experience representing commercial, industrial and residential property owners, our team of tax attorneys pushes for fair and reduced liabilities whether that involves assistance in completing the correct documentation or litigating on behalf of parties when needed.

Tax Assessment Appeals

For 50 years, our team of dedicated tax attorneys have developed close working relationships with tax officials in the Chicagoland area and garnered a wide range of experience in government work and private practice, giving us the knowledge and leverage needed when appealing tax assessments.

When necessary, we are prepared and have routinely and successfully represented our clients in court, before boards and at the Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB).