Joseph Gitterle provides high-level support to the attorneys of Crane & Norcross across all classifications of real estate property.

Prior to joining Crane & Norcross in 2020, Joe developed a unique skill set evaluating and understanding the Cook County Assessor and Board of Review’s process for valuing property.

For over 6 years, he served the Cook County Assessor’s Office in several departments including Taxpayer Services, Residential Appeals, Taxpayer Advocate as well as the Technical Review department. He went on to manage the Technical Review department which approved all appeal classification results over a span of eight years for residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout Cook County.

Following this role, Joe spent 10 years at the Cook County Board of Review where he served as a Senior Commercial/Industrial Hearing Officer,  analyzing appeals and making final determinations of property tax assessments for a multitude of properties. Here, Joe participated in all levels of appeals for commercial and industrial properties through Chicago‘s Business District. From small business retail to mixed use multi-family apartments and large-scale office complexes and appeals of the highest valuations, Joe gained key insights into the complexities of the entire property tax appeal process.

In his free time, Joe enjoys sports and spending time with his family.