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Many Exemptions Set to Auto-Renew

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Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi announced this week that many property tax exemptions granted by his office will auto-renew for Tax Year 2020 without the need to re-apply. The exemptions auto-renewing for Tax Year 2020 are the Homeowner Exemption, Senior Exemption, Senior Freeze Exemption, Persons with Disabilities Exemption, and Veterans with Disabilities Exemption. For those taxpayers who received such an exemption on their 2019 property tax bills, the same exemption should be automatically applied to their 2020 2nd installment tax bills.

However, some taxpayers will be asked by the Cook County Assessor to apply for these exemptions again. The Assessor’s Office has told us that if their systems detect a change to the property that requires re-applying for any of the above exemptions, they will send a notice to that taxpayer asking them to submit a new application. It is unclear how many taxpayers will be affected by such a scenario, however it is important that everyone remain aware that this is a possibility.

If you receive a notice from the Cook County Assessor regarding any exemption for Tax Year 2020, do not hesitate to contact Crane & Norcross if you have any questions. These exemptions could save taxpayers significant money on their 2nd installment tax bill and we are here to make sure you receive every exemption you are legally entitled to. Contact us at info@craneandnorcross.com or 312-726-9161 if you have any questions.